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BBBike with streets, parks, waters, S-Bahn and a sample route
(Linux with XFree86 4.x and Tk804.025 with True Type font support)
BBBike screenshot Linux
BBBike with streets, parks, waters, sights, S-Bahn and a sample route; English localization
(FreeBSD 6.1 mit xorg 6.8.x und Tk804.027+patches+XFT)
BBBike screenshot FreeBSD
BBBike with additional windows: overview map, route description and street chooser
(FreeBSD 4.x mit XFree86 3.3.x und Tk800.024)
BBBike screenshot FreeBSD, more windows
BBBike under Mac OS X using Hamburg data from OpenStreetMap BBBike screenshot Mac OS X
BBBike under Windows 2000 (Tk800.024) BBBike screenshot Windows
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Author: Slaven Rezic <>