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Bekannte Probleme in der Version 3.17

Problem: BBBike startet nicht
Betrifft: Windows Vista
Abhilfe: Das Programm im Windows-XP-Kompatibilitätsmodus starten. Dazu muss folgendes gemacht werden: mit der rechten Maustaste auf das BBBike-Icon klicken. "Eigenschaften" > "Kompatibilität" auswählen. "Programm im Kompatibilitätsmodus für: Windows XP" anklicken.

Bekannte Probleme in der Version 3.16

Sorry, zurzeit nur englisch!

Issue: It is not possible to upload GPX routes to Garmin devices attached to a USB port.
Affected: Windows and MacOSX distributions
Workaround: Use the GPX or GPSman export and another program like the Garmin Mapsource program or gpsbabel to upload the exported files.

Issue: Files created with the GPX route export have no street names.
Affected: Windows distribution and Linux/Unix/MacOSX without perl module XML::LibXML installed
Workaround: Use the GPSman route export instead. On Linux/Unix/MacOSX systems, you can try to install XML::LibXML e.g. with cpan XML::LibXML

Issue: BBBike starts, shows the splash screen and dies. If a console is visible, then the message Modification of a read-only value attempted at bbbike line 291. appears.
Affected: Windows distribution, other operating systems are very unlikely
Workaround: There are some possibilities:
  • In line 289 of C:\Programme\BBBike\bbbike\bbbike, remove the word __SPEC__ completely. Use a better editor than notepad to edit the file; WordPad should work.
  • Or define the environment variable TMPDIR to a valid temporary directory.
  • Or create the directory c:\tmp.

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